Popular Items

Although as a manufacturing company we can create virtually any type of item in the apparel space and beyond.. we understand the need to get started right away and make money with whats already working.

Everything is 100% Made in New York City. We will begin to stamp each unit with the label to give it a very exquisite feel for the customers.

Here are a list of our best selling items today that you can get started on immediately!

All Over Print Leggings

Base Cost: $20.00
Shipping & Handling Charges: $3.00

All Over Printed Shirts Front & Back Printed

Base Cost: $15.00
Shipping & Handling Charges: $3.00


All Over Print Hoodies

Base Cost: $27.00
Shipping & Handling Charges: $5.00



Baseball Jersey’s With Reflective Silver Threading

Base Cost: $18.00
Shipping & Handling Charges: $3.00


Specialty Prints – Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Gold, Chrome

Base Cost: Depends on design
Shipping & Handling Charges: Depends on weight of garment decorated


Reflective Print Technology – Entire Design Reflects Sharply At Night

Base Cost: depends on garment decorated
Shipping & Handling Charges: depends on weight of garment


All Over Printed Sports Bras

Base Cost: $15
Shipping & Handling Charges: $3.00


All Over Printed Running Shoes – Coming Soon…

Base Cost: $30
Shipping & Handling Charges: $5.00

We can also do any standard screen printed designs, DTG, and embroidery.